About CPHM

The Balm Of Peace In Times Of Conflicts

CPHMMalaysia is facing a tense socio-religious-political situation among the races, religious and political adherents. Increasing conflicts threaten to tear us apart.

How should Christians respond to conflicts? To answer this, perhaps we should look to how our Lord Jesus responded when under adversity. Jesus was fully conscious of all that the cross involved. He expected persecution, suffering, opposition, chaos, violence and unrest. Hence, when his disciple “drew his sword out and struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his ear”, he calmly commanded him to put his sword back (Matt. 26:51).

In conflicts, humans naturally tend to react aggressively (“an eye for an eye”). Jesus takes a radical approach – He calls us to be peacemakers (Matt. 5:9). The Christian’s response must go beyond societal norms of confrontational aggression. Christians should bring peace, between man and God and between those at odds with each other.

The Hebrew word for peace, shalom, means wholeness and harmony rather than strife and discord in all aspects of life.


We seek to do the following:

  1. In general, we endeavour to promote the concept of universal peace and in particular, amongst the Christian community, we seek to promote the Biblical virtue of peace-making and being peacemakers. We seek to articulate the voice and call for the message of peace, harmony and goodwill to all Malaysians.
  2. Encourage and support efforts, projects and programmes to promote peace and harmony in Malaysia.
  3. Act as a bridge between the multi-ethnic and multi-religious communities to promote goodwill, mutual understanding, peace and harmony through strategic engagement and resolving issues amicably, as well as promote and facilitate national reconciliation and healing.
  4. Encourage and facilitate mechanisms for dialogue, mediation and early intervention efforts for conflict resolution within the Malaysian society.
  5. Encourage and support demonstrations of Christian love and charity towards both Christians and non-Christians subjects and residents of Malaysia, including activities that make a positive impact on society as part of our nation-building efforts.
  6. Accomplish such other purposes related to the above as the CPHM Trustees may decide.


CPHM endeavours to be a catalyst to motivate the body of Christ to help bring healing and restoration to the nation by fostering peace and harmony.


CPHM seeks to connect, motivate and equip the whole citizenry of the nation to promote peace and harmony through collaborative actions to see the nation redeemed, restored and transformed into a people that reflects God’s values.