Chairman’s Message

Rev. Wong Kim Kong, J.M.N.

Rev. Wong Kim Kong, J.M.N.

With the rich diverse ethnic groups and religions in Malaysia, we – the citizens of the nation – have to find ways to live together peacefully and harmoniously. However, the manner or approach by which we assert our personal views or claim of rights may unconsciously or inadvertently convey antagonism or confrontation, rather than cordial expression of views or concern. Therefore, suspicions, misunderstandings and breakdown of communication occur often and, if not checked, will cause distrust and animosity.

What a cruel thing conflict is. It separates and divides us, and mars the purest joys and happiness God has given us and our beloved nation; it fills our hearts with anger and hatred instead of love and care for one another, devastating our beautiful land.
Malaysia belongs to all of us, even though we are very diverse in ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. We therefore have the responsibility to build a nation that reflects unity in diversity. Promoting peace and harmony in nation building requires fostering acceptance and understanding our differences.

We need to create an environment where citizenship will be upheld, where all Malaysians can contribute meaningfully to nation building and our national transformation agenda. For this, we must cease from imposing our rights and self-righteousness, and let our concern and love for the nation be expressed in love and forgiveness, giving each other space for repentance and restitution.

One common factor that unites us is our citizenry commitment and loyalty to our King and the nation. As Christians, we uphold the Biblical command: “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Government and nation are ordained by God to do us good.

Tonight, my heart cries out to God. I pray we will all work towards peace and harmony. I pray we will all have a great heart and magnanimous attitude, for the right spirit of peace and harmony for a better Malaysia. The dream of peace is elusive and only persistent peacemakers will bring it to pass. CPHM pledges to persevere in this great mission!

Rev. Wong Kim Kong, J.M.N.
Christians for Peace and Harmony in Malaysia (CPHM)