For peace and unity: Annual Christmas dinner an interfaith affair

December 13, 2018 / Interfaith

SUBANG JAYA, Dec 13 — Despite supposed racial tensions after violent clashes at a temple in Subang earlier this month, more than 150 people gathered today, just several kilometres from where the incident occurred to celebrate unity and peace among Malaysians.

Driven by the theme “Sowing Seeds of Friendship”, the Christians For Peace and Harmony Malaysia’s (CPHM) annual dinner was held today at the Grand Dorsett Subang hotel with leaders of various religions coming together to promote unity.

CPHM chairman Lee Min Choon told the attendees he felt proud of the fact that so many people of different faiths were present tonight.

“We Malaysians like to stand up to be counted, when we believe in something, we want to be counted.

“I feel proud to see all of you here as you are standing up for something you too believe in, that is for peace, and for the greater good of the country,” he said.

The dinner today saw a crowd of more than 150 people attend, which included members from the Buddhist Missionary Society of Malaysia, the Global Unity Network NGO, Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim), ordinary members of Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa (Perkasa), and PAS, and leaders from the Hindu community.

Also present was the special officer of the Federal Territories Mufti, Mohamad Razif.

Chairman of CPHM Lee Min Choon speaks during the CPHM Chistmas Dinner in Subang Jaya December 13, 2018. ― Picture by Miera Zulyana

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In continuing his message of unity, Lee also advised against the people concentrating on each other’s differences, and instead be willing to learn and unlearn tenets of certain beliefs to better promote tolerance.

“If we focus on our differences, we can never achieve anything. In order to understand each other, and come together we need to put aside our differences.

“We have to all learn and spread the spirit of goodwill, and not otherwise with issues and tensions going on,” he said.

The night ended with an interfaith quiz where participants who answered religious-based trivia walked away with goodie bags.

The CPHM annual dinner has been a fixture since 2015, with leaders from all sects of religions invited to the event.

CPHM, who have been in existence also since 2015, have also organised many other interfaith events such as breaking fast during Ramadan and the Merdeka Peace Run.


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